RecycleForce Columbus, Inc. is an e-waste recycling organization that provides a wide variety of e-waste recycling services to numerous clients and partners within central Ohio. Are you looking to get rid of that pile of junk that’s been sitting in your basement for months? Are you a business or school that is ready to upgrade your computers? RecycleForce’s e-waste recycling and disposal services will certainly be beneficial to your needs. RecycleForce Columbus can meet your e-waste recycling needs in a timely and cost-efficient way.

RecycleForce Columbus is a social enterprise with a twofold mission to strengthen communities by helping employers build a better workforce and by helping to keep the environment clean. Our mission is:

RecycleForce Columbus provides a pathway for formerly incarcerated men and women to successfully re-integrate into the workforce and become responsible, taxpaying, productive community members through transitional job placement in comprehensive, environmentally sound and secure end-of-life electronics processing.